St Paul’s offers the following regular services.


1030 Parish Mass

1830 Sung Evensong and Eucharistic Devotions (Last Sunday of the month)

Weekday Services

1200 Said Mass & Lunch

1030 Mass

Occasional Services

In addition to our regular services we also worship on Holy Days. Certain days are Days of Obligation, where we are obliged to attend mass. Where we have these extra services they will be displayed on the homepage upcoming events.

On Maundy Thursday in 2009, we welcomed Stephen, Bishop of Wakefield, to celebrate the Mass of the Last Supper, perform the washing of the feet, and to preach. A transcript of the Bishop’s address can be found by clicking here (opens in new window).

At St Paul’s on Palm Sunday 2012 the Bishop of Pontefract celebrated his Chrism Mass, attended by nearly 250 people and priests. The Bishop’s sermon can be found by clicking here.

At our Centenary Celebratory Mass, held on 26 October 2012, the Lord Bishop of Wakefield celebrated and preached. His sermon can be found by clicking here (opens in new window).

About our Services

Mass is the usual designation for the Eucharistic Sacrifice. Eucharist means ‘thanksgiving’, reminding us of Christ’s prayer of thanksgiving when he took bread and wine at the Last Supper. The Parish Eucharist is the main Sunday service.

Our Parish Mass is sometimes called ‘Solemn’ Mass. ‘Solemn’ in this context is not ‘quiet’ or ‘calm’, but means that we worship using all our senses, including sight, sound and smell i.e. we use colours in the altar frontals and vestments, indicating different seasons; incense is used to symbolise the mystery of prayer as it rises in the building; bells are used to mark important events in the service; and music, through singing and listening to the organ, enhances our prayers.

Children’s activities are provided. Children learn about the day’s themes and do related activities. Sometimes, the children help with parts of the main service on special occasions.

Days of Holy Obligation are those days where we are obliged to attend mass. All Sundays are Days of Holy Obligation as well as, for example, Christmas Day, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Ascension Day. We also have masses on lesser festival days e.g. for the Blessed Virgin Mary and other saints.

Evening Prayer/Evensong, is a set of prayers used to thank God for the day and ask for his protection during the night hours. It is either said, or sung, sometimes with the choir. On the final Sunday in the month it is followed by Eucharistic Devotions.

Eucharistic Devotions, also known as Benediction, is the action of blessing the people with the exposed Blessed Sacrament, during which prayers are said and hymns sung.



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