War Memorial

War Memorial 2The war memorial is found just inside the South West porch. It was constructed following the end of the Great War, and the inscription reads

REMEMBER WITH PRAYERS AND THANKSGIVING THESE OUR BROTHERS WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919. This of course now includes the Second World War, and the sentiments apply to anyone who has given their life in conflict since then; the Poppy Appeal is as relevant now as it ever was. The names below are enscribed on the war memorial.

The Great War


Joseph N Nuttall Bernard Hardy


Horace Deakin Harold Bebee Cyril Millar Albert Petch Cyril Rothery Joe Lovelace George Clewer Eric Aked Frank Murgatroyd Henry Watson Frederick W Bull


Harry Haigh Joe Shaw Ernest E Sykes MC Frank Hensby Alfred Clark Godfrey Bingley Willie Whatmough Albert E Gomersall Ernest Hensby Leonard Steele
Frank Stubbs Albert T Bird Herbert W Nicholl Lewis Riley


Charles Clarkson Arthur Ryder Maurice J Sheard A Reginald Swallow Harold Edwards William Bramley Willie Riley Wallace Thompson Arthur Milnes Arnold Crossley Tom Hepworth Harry W Green G Cyril Nutton George H Welch Frederick W Thompson Walter K Whitehead Clement Whitaker Harry S P Oxley Ernest Blight Percy Taylor


Albert Smith Lewis Grummett
Harry Fossard William R Lisle John Sutcliffe Tom Walshaw Frank Baylis Joe Kershaw Granville Milnes Lewis Turner Harold Steele Arthur Watson Arthur Lister Lewis Brazey George Minnett Ernest Jenkinson Samuel Rothery Tom Harrison Herbert Greenwood John H H Rushton Eric B Rayner Percy Haigh Lewis Crossley Clifford V Millar Ernest G Gledhill John Baylis W C Erwart Stubbs Horace Fogg


Thomas H Hartley

The Second World War

1939 - 1945

Wilfred Booth Arthur Broadbent Geoffrey Brooksbank Eric Carr Douglas Christian
Kenneth Cross Leslie Dawson Trevor Derrington Robert Hanson Trevor Ingham Eric Lawrence Leslie Marshall
Alec Stott Leonard Stott Walter Tarn Alan Taylor Raymond Turner Frank Waldron Horace Washington



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